High frequency Therapy Mechine

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Beautiful radiance starts with your skin!

With cosmopin you treat acne, blackheads, redness, pimples and wrinkles like in a professional cosmetic studio .

With its 4 different attachments, cosmopin is perfect for almost all skin blemishes .


The ozone generated destroys acne-causing bacteria deep in the skin. In contrast to other methods, high frequency works from the first application and lets you shine in new beauty after a short time .


  • German market leader
  • Treat acne and prevent breakouts
  • Anti-aging effect through collagen production
  • Eliminate pimples and other blemishes
  • Against herpes and inflammation
  • Accelerates the healing of scars
  • Natural healing process
  • Save hundreds of euros on expensive cosmetic treatments
  • Over 21,000 satisfied customers

Dermatologists and aestheticians recommend to their patients for years, the high-frequency skin therapy. It is a tried and tested method for treating many different skin problems and has been used in medicine for decades . With cosmopin your skin will be more beautiful , younger and healthier !

How does high frequency therapy work?

Eliminates acne and pimples

The skin becomes visibly younger

For common impurities

Helps with hair loss