মাইক্রোস্কোপ 1200X

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অর্ডার করতে  অর্ডার করুন  বাটনে ক্লিক করুন।

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আপনার বাচ্চার খেলা হোক বিজ্ঞানের সাথে, মাইক্রোস্কোপ 1200X

Product details


    • Packaged included:
    • 1 x Microscope
    • 12 x Prepared Slides
    • 5 x Specimens of Glass
    • 1 x Plastic containers
    • 1 x Blank label
    • 1 x Forceps
    • 2 x Collection bottle
    • Specifications:
    • Name: Child microscope
    • Material: ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
    • Magnification: 1200X, 400X, 100X
    • Objective lens: 10x, 40x, 120X
    • Standby light source: LED light (using 2 AA batteries, not included)
    • Color: Black&White
    • Object Stage: Single layer platform
    • Focusing system: coarse micro moving or not axis
    • Converter: Three Holes Outer
    • Size: 22x13x7cm/8.7″x5.1″x2.8″
    • Features:
    • – 1200X, 400X, 100X magnifications.
    • – Built-in LED light for direct illumination.
    • – Full-featured, easy-to-operate, clear imaging, aesthetic and use, suitable for viewing a variety of biological specimen slides.
    • – Perfect beginner’s kit for scientific explorations and investigations.
    • – Great for children to observing microscope at home, enhance interaction between parents and children.
    • – Can enhance the children’s adventure into scientific exploration.
    • – Help children draw conclusions through reasoning and improve logical thinking.
    • – Give a fun educational gifts for children.
  • Instructions:
  • 1. Put the battery, turn on the power switch, the light on.
  • 2. Turn the focus knob counterclockwise to raise the brightness of the lens barrel.
  • 3. First take the specimen, place the specimen on the slide, cover it with another slide to act as a cover slip, then place the slide with the specimen on the stage, fix it on the clip, and move the specimen to In the middle of the light-transmissive hole, the objective lens should be adjusted to the uppermost position when the slide is placed.
  • 4. The objective lens is turned to 400X, which is 400 times objective lens; the objective lens is turned to 1200X, which is 1200 times objective lens.
  • 5. Look at the objective lens with your eyes, adjust the height of the objective lens to the lowest position, but don’t touch the coverslip. Eyes look at the eyepiece, and the right hand adjusts the focus a little bit. When you can see something, you must be very subtle. Tune, until you can see the details of the observed specimens.
  • Built-in LED light for direct illumination.
  • Great for children to observing microscope at home